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Deluxe DIY Marquee Range

by on Jun.18, 2020, under DIY Marquee

A marquee is absolutely the smartest event venue that anyone could think of. Reasons why are self-explanatory but because of their belief in their products. A marquee can be a venue for all seasons which is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to invest in a marquee as a solution to their venue or catering problems.

4x6m green commercial diy marquee

A special event, celebrated in a marquee always adds a certain kind of sparkle to that event… perhaps it’s because it’s a little out of the ordinary, or perhaps its because a marquee can be set up to perfectly suit the function that you need it to, while also looking absolutely stunning during day or night! No one thinks of a marquee and doesn’t think of how lovely it can be for any event. It’s fun and fresh as opposed to the same old pub or club venue that your family has been using for decades. And don’t just use your marquee once…use it again and again for any special event. It is a purchase that you will never regret.

Your marquee is adaptable, re-designable, do-up-able, and functional! Add a red carpet and a fancy chandelier and you have the stuff from which great formal events are made. Add a heater and closed panels and you have the coziest joint in the neighborhood during the winter chilly months. Divide your main tent from the catering area and you have a workspace right on hand from which you can serve your guests the most delectable eats in superb style. And while the dance floor hots up, you caterers can pack up and leave without disturbing the event for the night so that you can party the night away.

Now that you have heard all of the good things about marquees, you are no doubt wondering where and how you can get your hands on the trendiest venue in town… DIY Marquees doesn’t pretend to know it all about marquees because they do know it all and will assist you with every aspect of your purchase from start to finish.

It couldn’t be easier when you visit DIY Marquees for sale – all of the information that you would ever need to know when buying a marquee including the Green Marquee for sale range is available on the site: sizes, options, additional extras, materials used, where to use which marquee and which is recommended for which conditions. DIY Marquees make buying a marquee an absolutely seamless experience.

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Marquees to suit every budget

by on Apr.06, 2015, under DIY Marquee

DIY Marquees have the largest range of marquees for sale in the UK, they offer honest and valuable advice for anyone who want to buy a marquee. Their friendly team have years of experience and expertise in the marquee industry, so whether you are wanting to start your own marquee hire business or would like to host corporate events or special occasion event hire such as wedding functions, DIY Marquees will give your the best advice around.

DIY Marquee range of Party tents for sale can be used for lots of different functions from weddings and formal events to garden parties and BBQ’s, their final appearance is entirely governed by the accessories you buy. For more formal functions you can buy flooring and linings for your party tent marquee or for less formal events you can decorate the party tent yourself using balloons or decorative ribbons. Whilst all marquees may look the same from the outside it is how you design the interior that personalises the party tent marquee.

Erecting marquees on hard standing

Our DIY Marquees like most Commercial Marquees for sale are quality ones that can be erected on hard standing. There is the small issue of how to anchor the marquee down (answer: longer tie downs to a nearby soft surface, bolting or use heavy weights) but otherwise it is easily done.

There is one small issue which you should make your customer aware of and that is what happens when it rains. If a patio normally floods in heavy rain, a marquee won’t stop that occurring. If the hard standing has a slope then water may try to flow through the marquee.

The risks of this happening are usually very slight and whilst it’s worth mentioning to customers it’s not worth going overboard or scaremongering about it. If the forecast is bad there are some solutions:

  • Wooden floor throughout – this raises the floor up so the water passes under. The best solution but also by far the most expensive and most work.
  • sandbags or similar round the perimeter of the marquee.
  • strips of carpet underneath the groundbars – this was suggested to me recently by a marquee hire company and I think it’s an excellent and resourceful idea. Strips of old carpet rolled up and then squashed underneath the groundbars cuts out all but torrential rain from making its way in to the marquee.
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Have the party of your dreams

by on Jul.06, 2014, under DIY Marquee

Summer is here and the perfect time of the year to host a fabulous party, whether it’s a wedding, work function or a 21st party DIY Marquees for sale has a marquee for every occasion.

I came across some useful information on DIY Marquees site and thought it relevant to share one particular article as this is useful for any party you wish to host.

Tips for Daytime Party Marquees:


Unlike marquees furniture is often too expensive to buy so hiring is usually the best solution

For a formal atmosphere use larger round tables (5ft for seating 8/9, 5ft6in for seating 10)

Use a mixture of smaller tables to create an informal atmosphere.

You can get away with fitting more people in a marquee for a party than for a wedding, a wedding

Requires more space but you can squeeze people up a bit at parties.

A marquee can hold more people standing than seated (generally around 1.5 times the number seated)

but it’s  always worth having some seats in rows against the sides of a marquee even if you are

leaving the middle completely clear for standing (or using it as a dance floor area)

For formal seating remember an easel for table plans (or two for larger functions)

Furniture is often scattered around outside the marquee so a weatherproof chair option is popular

(white plastic bistro chairs for example)

Ideally have a marquee just large enough to house everyone (even if it very cramped) in case of

Sudden downpours.

Dance Floors:

Dance floors are only usually required at evening functions


With our DIY Party Tent if it is light outside it will be light inside so for a daytime only function

lighting is not usually required. In October to April you will need to heat the marquee have

the heating on for an hour before people arrive to ensure they walk in to a wall of warmth

In May to September you might need a heater just to take the chill off in the seating area later

in the evening, think of how your guests will arrive – a simple path of carpet with flower pots

makes an attractive and inviting entrance to the marquee.

You would normally allow one toilet per 40-60 guests. If you don’t have enough

available then consider hiring in a luxury toilet unit In general there is less drinking

and therefore you require less toilet facilities for daytime only parties.

the diy party tent range

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Are you looking to buy a marquee?

by on Jul.16, 2013, under DIY Marquee

DIY Marquees have an amazing range of marquees for sale and party tents for sale. Marquees are available in a range of sizes and a range of qualities. The better quality marquees use thicker steel framework (34mm upwards) and PVC covers rather than PE or poly/PVC. The weight of the PVC material used on the marquees (measured in gsm -grams per square meter) is an indication of the thickness but not the quality, the true strength of PVC comes from the inner core material before it is coated.

Marquee purchase should be done with much research and carefully. When looking to buy a marquee as well as looking at the materials used you should also look at the design and functionality of the marquee. With a good design additional bracing can make a marquee stronger eliminating the need for a thicker framework. Having interchangeable side panels can give much greater functionality so a marquee can be tailored for any site on which it is erected.

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