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Can’t decide which marquee to puchase?

by on Sep.15, 2014, under DIY Marquee, Party Planning

Useful information from DIY Marquee will help you make the right decision in purchasing a marquee. This can be especially useful if you are looking at purchasing a commercial DIY Marquee.

6x4m marquee or 4x6m marquee?

In the marquee industry there is not a huge amount of terminology for someone new to the scene to get used to. One is getting used to feet and metres and how to switch between the two (3m=10ft essentially), most customers prefer everything in metres but you still get some that need it in feet.

Another standard to get used to is that when talking marquees the width comes first and the length second. A 4x6m marquee is very different to a 6x4m one for example.

4x6m Classic DIY Marquee

A 4x6m Marquee means that the A-frames are 4m wide and it is 6m long (three 2m bays).

6x4m Classic DIY Marquee

A 6x4m marquee on the other hand has 6m wide A-frames and is 4m long (two 2m bays).

Why offer both?

The most popular way of covering a 4x6m area is with a 4x6m marquee, there are however times when this is not the best option.

  • If you already own a 6m wide marquee or have spare 6m metalwork then you can just buy a 6x4m roof and therefore increase your hiring potential without buying a complete new 4x6m marquee.
  • If the marquee is going up against a house then it is far easier having the gable butted up for weathering and access purposes. If the customer needs the 6m side of the marquee up against the house then it is best practice to go with a 6x4m marquee rather than a 4x6m one.

So if you looking for a DIY Party Tent or any other Marquee look no further DIY Marquees will assist with the right Marquee to buy.

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Have the party of your dreams

by on Jul.06, 2014, under DIY Marquee

Summer is here and the perfect time of the year to host a fabulous party, whether it’s a wedding, work function or a 21st party DIY Marquees for sale has a marquee for every occasion.

I came across some useful information on DIY Marquees site and thought it relevant to share one particular article as this is useful for any party you wish to host.

Tips for Daytime Party Marquees:


Unlike marquees furniture is often too expensive to buy so hiring is usually the best solution

For a formal atmosphere use larger round tables (5ft for seating 8/9, 5ft6in for seating 10)

Use a mixture of smaller tables to create an informal atmosphere.

You can get away with fitting more people in a marquee for a party than for a wedding, a wedding

Requires more space but you can squeeze people up a bit at parties.

A marquee can hold more people standing than seated (generally around 1.5 times the number seated)

but it’s  always worth having some seats in rows against the sides of a marquee even if you are

leaving the middle completely clear for standing (or using it as a dance floor area)

For formal seating remember an easel for table plans (or two for larger functions)

Furniture is often scattered around outside the marquee so a weatherproof chair option is popular

(white plastic bistro chairs for example)

Ideally have a marquee just large enough to house everyone (even if it very cramped) in case of

Sudden downpours.

Dance Floors:

Dance floors are only usually required at evening functions


With our DIY Party Tent if it is light outside it will be light inside so for a daytime only function

lighting is not usually required. In October to April you will need to heat the marquee have

the heating on for an hour before people arrive to ensure they walk in to a wall of warmth

In May to September you might need a heater just to take the chill off in the seating area later

in the evening, think of how your guests will arrive – a simple path of carpet with flower pots

makes an attractive and inviting entrance to the marquee.

You would normally allow one toilet per 40-60 guests. If you don’t have enough

available then consider hiring in a luxury toilet unit In general there is less drinking

and therefore you require less toilet facilities for daytime only parties.

the diy party tent range

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DIY Marquee raising marquees to new heights

by on Mar.20, 2014, under DIY Marquee

As you may have noticed our website has changed, this is due to our expansion in to other ranges of marquees. We now have five ranges of marquees across 23 different sizes of marquee culminating in over 70 different marquees to choose from, we believe this means we have the largest range of marquees available for sale in the UK and hope to have the marquee to suit any requirement. We also now stock a heavy duty range of pop-ups and pagodas.

Our two new cheaper ranges probably won’t be of interest to you as a hire company – the party tent range including DIY Party Tent and Pop-Up DIY Marquee range uses PE fabric (only suitable for occasional domestic use) and our new Classic range is made using 500gsm PVC but without the features we believe are essential to hire companies – I wouldn’t recommend hiring out a 6m marquee without eave braces for example.

Our new Professional range should prove popular in the hire industry; it is based on our Commercial framework but with a heavier duty 650gsm PVC roof.

As always our new products and ranges come from feedback from customers (thank you) and our own experience. This is why we are one of the leading designers and suppliers of marquees in Europe. Which we’re quite chuffed about to be honest.

We always like to hear feedback regarding our marquees or website so if you have anything to add or any new product ideas please always send them along.

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