Need work done to your house – Call Squibbs

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No fuss, no bother when it comes to Squibbs of London, they get stuck in and do any jobs around the home with their handyman service London. With our busy working hours and hectic family life we often don’t find time to get things done around the home.

Sometimes it requires us to call in the experts in property maintenance London so they can get the job done.

Contact Squibbs of London for one of their dedicated staff to assist you with any problem around the home.

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Do you need more space in your home, have you thought of a loft extension?

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South London Refurbishments specialise in all types of conversions, from conservatory extensions, (which can increase natural light in your home), rear extensions, for extra space or even garage conversions. It can open up a room in your home, transforming it into something completely different and maybe even a focal point for your home. Be it a Loft Extension or any conversion as South London Refurbishments – Builders South London can assist!

What we have been up to – Floor Sanding in South London

If you are lucky enough to have wooden floor boards at home, you might find yourself in need of our services. Your wooden floor boards might seem tough enough to withstand anything, but time, heavy traffic and the general wear and tear of a busy modern home will all take their toll on your floor. South London Refurbishments Ltd can restore any age, species or profile of wooden floor to give your living space a new lease of life.

We can help to ensure that any work we complete is carried out without damaging your home. This means that, once our work is done, all that will remain for you to do is sit back and enjoy your transformed floor boards. Just another reason why so many home owners choose to work with South London Refurbishments Ltd when they are looking to restore their wooden floor boards.

We provide services throughout South London and the following areas: builders in Clapham,  builders in Chelsea and  builders in Fulham, builders in Battersea and builders in Putney,  builders in South London,  builders in Walworth

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Wooden Floors

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The Hardwood Floors we supply are not just floors we source from other people. At Blue Evolution we are proud of our hardwood floors and therefore source and manufacture our own which means we can guarantee exacting quality and value for money.

Over the years we have established a reputation for fabulous hardwood floors and exceptional service. We supply Solid American Black Walnut Flooring as well as Oak (hand finished), Maple, Cherry, Ash, Elm Wenge, Teak, Hickory, Sports Floors, Parquet and many more species on special order. We offer wooden floors Londonwooden floors Manchesterwooden floors Kensingtonwooden floors Holland Parkwooden floors Notting Hill.

* Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Call us on0800 756 1271 or email info@blue-evolution.com

*we only buy our wood from sustainable sources – environmental statement

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Wooden Flooring Installation Methods

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There are 3 main methods of fixing down wooden flooring; glue-down, secret nailing or floating. Which is the best?

Floating wooden floors

A floating floor is where the boards are lightly glued together with PVA wood glue along the tongue joint and laid onto a foam matting or underlay  over the existing floor. They are called ‘floating’ floors because of their tendency to move if there are any peaks or hollows in the floor underneath, the sub-floor. There is no physical adhesion between the new wood floor and the old floor and, as a result, some floating floors may flex, squeak or sound ‘hollow’ when walked on, especially if the sub-floor has not been prepared correctly. This is a cost effective way of laying wooden flooring but the end result is often disappointing due to the movement. You can only float engineered wood flooring as solid boards have a tendency to twist if laid in this way.

Nailed wooden floors

Traditionally, secret nailing through the tongue of the board was the preferred fixing method when laying wooden flooring. The installer uses either a manual or a pneumatic nail gun and fires special wood fixing nails or cleats through the tongue, which is then hidden when the corresponding groove abuts the board. Solid or engineered wood flooring can be laid to timber battens laid on the floor or direct to timber floor joists. In some cases the timber joists can be stuffed with insulation and overlaid with membrane to reduce cold spots in older houses. Alternatively, nailed floors can be used on concrete sub-floors by fitting a 16-18mm layer of plywood or OSB to the concrete first. The resulting nailed floor will feel solid and substantial during use. That said, nailed installation is a specialist skill and should is not recommended for the amateur DIY’er!

Glued down wooden floors

Glued down installation is probably the most common wood floor fixing method used these days. Here the new floor is laid using a full coverage flexible wood adhesive to the sub-floor; which could either be a concrete screed, existing floor boards or a plywood/OSB board. Modern silane adhesives are applied to the sub-floor using a trowel, a little like tile cement, and the boards are placed directly on top. These new wood adhesives are very strong, odour free, water based and have a good ‘open’ time allowing ample time to complete large areas of flooring using an open tub. A glued down wood floor will feel as solid underfoot as a nailed floor and, because the glue is flexible, natural seasonal expansion and contraction can occur without stressing the floor.

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