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Are you aware of how to save energy and money?

by on Feb.20, 2015, under Business, Energy Management

Steve Thomas Picture 300x245 Congratulations Professor!

RUMM are delighted to announce that Co-founder, director and company secretary of RUMM Energy Management Services, Steve Thomas has been appointed Professor of Innovation and Engagement at the University of South Wales.

A Professorship in Innovation and Engagement is a prestigious title and is the most senior designation bestowed by the University in recognition of excellence in enterprise related activities. Steve has been recognised for his outstanding contribution in innovation and engagement activities and applied research.  A significant element of Steve’s application was based on his spin-out activity with Steve Lloyd (Chairman), particularly the applied research and energy management work at RUMM.

Steve will continue to act as the main conduit between RUMM and the university to ensure continued successful research collaboration which has been key in the development of RUMM’s energy saving technologies.

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Monitor your company’s energy consumption

by on Apr.14, 2013, under Business, Energy Management

Is your company aware of energy management? Do you need to monitor energy use and identify the areas where energy can be saved in your organisation? Do you need to keep the rising energy costs down by reducing consumption and not sure where to begin?

RUMM are leading experts in energy management providing solutions throughout the UK and Wales offering a full energy management Solution to create bespoke energy management packages which will guarantee a reduction in your business energy usage and costs.

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by on Sep.19, 2011, under Energy Management

What is aM&T?
aM&T stands for Automatic Monitoring and Targeting – the key starting point to an efficient energy management solution. Simply put, it is the automatic collection of meter data so that you can identify areas of energy usage and wastage in order to reduce consumption.  According to the Carbon Trust, effective aM&T can save you at least 5% on your energy bills. RUMM clients have on average received at least 14% savings following the installation of a RUMM aM&T system.

How does aM&T work?
An aM&T system with RUMM is a highly effective three stage process.

First the necessary smart meters are installed across your site in order to measure energy consumption. The half hourly meter data is then collected using a RUMM Pulse unit and the data analysed using RUMM’s Internet Based Analytical Software Suite (IBASS).  It is this analysis that identifies the areas where energy can be saved.

I already have aM&T – can RUMM still help me?
RUMM’s Pulse unit allows data collection from any meter on any frequency in any location meaning if you have an existing aM&T system, it can be easily integrated into a RUMM Energy Management Services solution. RUMM can also install any additional smart meters you may need.

What are the benefits of aM&T?
RUMM clients have on average received at least 14% savings following the installation of a RUMM aM&T system, and according to the Carbon Trust, anyone who installs effective aM&T can expect at least 5% savings on their energy bills.

aM&T ensures the integration of real time data in order to give you, the customer, the power to reduce energy costs, achieve carbon reduction targets, increase profits and eliminate waste.

An aM&T system is also now essential for most businesses, as it provides you with the necessary data needed to comply with carbon reduction legislation such as CRC EES, CCA and EU ETS.

For more information on the range of services offered by RUMM click here.

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Reducing Energy Costs

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Business, Energy Management

Do you want to cut costs & help the environment by reducing your energy consumption?

If the answer is yes then you need a company who manages your utility bills and your carbon footprint by using energy management software.  Find one that have a team of dedicated energy account managers and data analysts to work with you in partnership to achieve maximum savings. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you have a utility bill of over £200,000?
  • Are you getting a CCL rebate?
  • Have you experienced a large rise in your energy bills?
  • Are you interested in improving your bottom line for little capital outlay?
  • Is Corporate Social Responsibility high on your agenda?
  • Are you interested in carbon trading?
  • Are you concerned about impending legislation regarding the CRC?
  • Would you be interested in an ROI strategy of less than 6 months?
  • Is capital expenditure a problem for you? 

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then you need to find a company who can offer energy management solutions! By ensuring business energy reduction, your company could achieve double digit savings in less than one year, equating to hundreds of thousands off the bottom line! 

Adding value to clients

With today’s concerns about rising energy costs and environmental impact, companies need to ensure that they are doing as much as possible to cut energy costs and conform to all possible legal energy standards. 

Your worries can be eased: 

  • Energy Management
  • Climate Change Levy
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Bill Verification
  • Utility measurement

By outsourcing your energy management you can save on your utility bill as they have: 

  • Exceptional knowledge of various sectors
  • Dedicated energy account managers/data analysts to support you.
  • A proven methodology which saves more than traditional aM&T approaches.
  • A strategic approach.
  • Excellent links with the Carbon Trust and other organisations to help secure grant/loan funding on a project by project basis and experience of carbon trading.

 This is done by having: 

  • A unique and advanced .Net web management system.
  • Advanced statistical process control & proactive alarming.
  • Customisable reporting & visualisation.

Here are some of the products/services we offer:

So don’t hesitate, get your energy management solution now!

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