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Energy Reduction in Manufacturing

by on Feb.09, 2016, under Business, Energy Management

There are numerous actions a business can take to reduce energy costs and Carbon Reduction Wales.  Energy management Services plays a key role but it’s also important not to overlook the other end of the process – the steps you take before that precious energy even reaches you; that is, the deal you sign up to and the way you manage energy purchasing.

There are numerous variables, enormous volatility in prices and an endless array of contract options. But while this may be daunting, getting it right can deliver major savings and significant competitive advantages.

The three aspects of buying gas and electricity that make them different from most other products or services you purchase are the timing of the purchase, your company’s appetite for risk and the skills and knowledge needed to get it right.

Timing is crucial because market prices fluctuate quickly and massively. Some changes are foreseeable, such as seasonal demand, while others, such as unrest in the Middle East, can sometimes be totally unforeseen and could send energy prices soaring in hours.

Consequently, you must clearly understand markets and the forces driving them and constantly monitor them to both take advantage of opportunities as they arise and avoid being caught flat-footed.

Different businesses have different appetites for risk and this has a profound influence on energy purchasing. Most contracts are either “fixed term” or “flexible”, the latter giving a degree of control over prices and potentially make savings – but at greater risk.

To find a contract with the right level of risk for your business you need to know the options available.

Skills and knowledge
Finally, if you are responsible for energy procurement you must be familiar with the myriad of different opportunities provided by energy suppliers and negotiate with them to get the best deals.

In all these things, familiarity, experience and industry knowledge are crucial. Energy purchasing has become an increasingly specialist full-time role and an industry of experts has grown up to operate between energy suppliers and business users. Companies like UES Energy constantly monitor market fluctuations and the full spectrum of suppliers’ contracts to help clients find the best options.

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RUMM energy saving technology

by on Jun.12, 2015, under Business, Energy Management

RUMM USA Energy Management Software Solutions

RUMM USA New Office Move is exciting with their state-of-the-art offices making an excellent first impression to their clients, their offices match their excellent professional services.

RUMM USA are delighted to announce the relocation of our corporate office into the newly renovated Kraft Office Centre, Kraft Road.

This hub is the perfect location for RUMM-USA, as the state-of-the-art communication services mirrors our commitment to our customers, allowing us to offer the very best access to our energy management support services.

As RUMM-USA expands our operations here in the US, with more energy managers offering direct support, our new office location is perfect to adapt to our quickly expanding team allowing us to address the demands that clients expect and should receive.

This move has been supported by the Collier County Economic Development team who are excited that RUMM-USA has chosen Naples as our corporate office location.

But don’t just take our word for it – we invite you to get in touch with us and arrange to meet to discuss your company’s energy management needs – RUMM-USA, Your Best Energy Management Option.

Not only have RUMM USA moved to new offices the company is constantly expanding along with their large client base with a recent appointment of Dan Bangs as Vice President.

Dan Bangs 255x300 RUMM USA expands team

Reduce energy consumption the RUMM USA way!

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Your Best Energy Management Option

by on Nov.21, 2014, under Business, Energy Management

RUMM has been working with DONG Energy as an approved delivery partner for their innovative Climate Partnerships Programme.

In July, RUMM business energy management were invited to facilitate a session at an Energy Efficiency workshop hosted by DONG Energy and the Local Government Chronicle for councils who applied for the LGC 2014 Energy Efficiency Award.  There were six councils in attendance: Durham County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire, Rugby Borough Council, Oxford City Council, Greater London Authority and West Sussex County Council.

The workshop focused on the challenges faced by councils and the importance of understanding consumption behaviour through monitoring and targeting energy usage; leveraging the benefits that additional data and energy efficiency projects can provide, through identifying opportunities for carbon footprint and cost reduction.

The event was chaired by Mike Hogg, Managing Director of DONG Energy Sales.  He commented “For me, what it all comes down to is the simple fact that the best electron or molecule is the one we don’t use. By focusing on the demand side, businesses can meaningfully reduce energy consumption – and therefore costs, which can have a very significant impact on the bottom line.  RUMM demonstrated how powerful it can be to use energy consumption information to identify savings opportunity and significantly reduce cost and energy use.”

This sentiment was echoed by local authority energy experts in the presentations they gave during the session.

RUMM experts and leader in assisting companies to Reduce Business Energy Consumption.

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Based in South Wales, RUMM’s effective Energy Management Solution is guaranteed to manage your business energy more effectively

by on Aug.18, 2012, under Business, Energy Management

RUMM is so confident its experts can save you energy and increase your profitability it will provide an underwritten guarantee on your proposed savings. Energy management is the monitoring of energy use and the identification of areas where energy can be saved, creating a blueprint for an efficient energy management solution.

RUMM’s Energy Efficiency systems comprise five main components, all of which can operate independently or together. For maximum efficiency RUMM would recommend a full Energy Management Service, but understand that in some cases this is not required.

Contact RUMM today for Energy Efficiency Systems

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