Converting a Loft

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As builders in London we are working in Clapham for a lovely customer who had some bad experience with cowboy builders and she was left with a house where there was not one room to live in. Her refurbishments took so long she had no kitchen or bathroom facilities. Our first step was to make the house habitable again, then did a ground floor extension and refurbished the entire property.  Some of the home renovations we did included installing new bathroom, kitchen and decorating the entire property. Our electrician rewired the entire house, fitted under floor heating in the bathroom; our plumber installed new pipe works, fitted new radiators in every room of the house.  As loft conversions are another service we offer, we have started this in her home as well.  For more information on refurbishments in London please visit our website.  We offer the following services:

Home ExtensionsBathroom RefurbishmentKitchen RefurbishmentHouse Renovations.

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Hollywood Bikini Wax

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The Hollywood Bikini Wax is a bikini treatment which removes all pubic hair from the front, lip area and back (buttocks) using strip wax. The option is available for the client to request to leave some hair (a tiny strip etc) in the front if preferred. Büty Salon was the first beauty salon in London to introduce this treatment in 1998, it is also offered at Fulham beauty salon.

Büty Salon offer the following: bikini wax London, bikini wax Fulham, bikini wax Hammersmith.

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Carpet Cleaning London

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Our carpet cleaning method (hot water extraction) is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer.

With the many types of carpeting made today, it is important to use a knowledgeable carpet cleaner.  Many of today’s carpets are made from or contain the following materials: Nylon, Acrylic, Cotton, Silk, Sisal, Polyester, Wool, and Linen. We can care for carpets in need of special care.

Wondering if we cover your area? We cover the following areas:

Carpet Cleaning London, Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith, Carpet Cleaning Chiswick, Carpet Cleaning Kensington, Carpet Cleaning Holland Park, Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill, Carpet Cleaning Fulham, Carpet Cleaning Putney, Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

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Architects London

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Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural and political symbols and as works of art. Historical civilizations are often identified with their surviving architectural achievements. (Sourced from Wikipedia).

It is believed that in the UK the average new three bedroomed home is 8% smaller than the basic recommended minimum size, leaving thousands of people across the country short-changed. This squeeze on size is depriving thousands of families the space needed for children to do homework, adults to work from home, guests to stay and for members of the household to relax together. The findings feature in Case for Space, new research revealed today by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). (Sourced from architecture.com)

DBLO Associates studio brings together a team of architects with a wide experience and knowledge across a variety of projects and contract types.  They offer their services to London and all surrounding areas such as:

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Wooden Floors

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The Hardwood Floors we supply are not just floors we source from other people. At Blue Evolution we are proud of our hardwood floors and therefore source and manufacture our own which means we can guarantee exacting quality and value for money.

Over the years we have established a reputation for fabulous hardwood floors and exceptional service. We supply Solid American Black Walnut Flooring as well as Oak (hand finished), Maple, Cherry, Ash, Elm Wenge, Teak, Hickory, Sports Floors, Parquet and many more species on special order. We offer wooden floors Londonwooden floors Manchesterwooden floors Kensingtonwooden floors Holland Parkwooden floors Notting Hill.

* Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Call us on0800 756 1271 or email info@blue-evolution.com

*we only buy our wood from sustainable sources – environmental statement

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Eco Home

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4 reasons to commission a UK furniture craftsman to create eco furniture for your eco home

These days with eco consciousness rising, there’s a wide variety of eco furniture to choose from. But sometimes it can still be difficult to find a specific piece you’re looking for. Maybe you need a dining table to be a specific size, or a design that matches the existing furnishings in your eco home. Or maybe you have an eco furniture design in your head you’d like to make into a reality.

In these instances you should consider commissioning a UK furniture craftsman to create a piece of eco furniture for you. They’ll sit down with you, listen to what you’re looking for and then fashion your idea into an exceptional and personal piece.

Inevitably, handcrafted eco furniture will be more expensive than something you’d buy off the shelf from a mass market retailer. But there are many reasons why you should consider commissioning a piece to add a special feature to your eco home:

1. Unique – Unlike mass produced furniture, a piece of eco furniture you’ve commissioned will be a one of a kind. This will make it an eye catching feature in your eco home and a talking point with guests.

2. Long lasting – In this consumerist culture we live in, a lot of mass produced furniture is only expected to last 5-10 years. Not only is this a waste of money but also a waste of the resources and materials used to build it. Specially built eco furniture, on the other hand, is built with high quality, durable materials and expert craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

3. An antique or heirloom for the future – UK furniture craftsmen dedicate their lives to perfecting their craft and building their reputation. This means a piece you buy now could see its value increase over time, as pieces by certain craftsmen become sought after.
4. Made from locally sourced eco materials – Whether weaving textiles, forging metal or carving wood, you’ll find that most UK furniture craftsman are eco conscious about the materials they use. Many only use wood they’ve harvested themselves or sourced from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified forests that are sustainably managed. You’ll also find many upholsterers use eco textiles and traditional hand weaving techniques to create eco cushions and eco chairs.

So when you consider all of the above, in our throw away culture where most things are mass produced, eco furniture that’s been made by a UK furniture craftsman to your design can offer a valuable and unique touch to your eco home.

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Büty Salon Reveals Face of Fulham Winner

by on Sep.15, 2011, under Beauty Salon

A Beauty Salon in London recently ran a Face of Fulham campaign and crowned 31 year old Lucy Clarke as its winner in its online competition through Facebook.

The Face of Fulham campaign ran for 8 weeks revealing its winner on 28 February 2011 after she received the highest number of ‘likes’ by online voters, a total of 127.  Lucy, based in St. Albans is delighted with her £300 gift voucher to redeem against any treatment at Fulham Beauty salon and looks forward to a day or two of luxury pampering.

The online Facebook competition which began at the beginning of January 2011 attracted 29 entrants whilst online voters or friends could submit a ‘like’ or vote against an entry.

Lucy who is also a singer and songwriter for various dance music producers since 2005 has been busy with her own promotional activity distributing her music online and raising her profile for a record deal.   Lucy also works part time within the account departments at The Solar Centre Ltd in St. Albans.

Büty Salon is due to run another campaign during July and August of this year, searching for 2 winners, The Face of Fulham and The Face of Hammersmith 2011.

To be in with a chance, please check the Büty Salon website and Facebook page for more details of the competition and competition launch dates.

Some of the services Buty Salon have on offer are:

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How to dry your carpet after cleaning

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When cleaning or getting your carpet cleaned, its very important that you remove the leftover detergent and dry the carpet very well. This will not only stop the carpets from smelling but increase the life of your carpets.

Things to do :-

  • Rinse the carpet after cleaning
  • If there is a section on the carpet with heavy traffic marks, make sure you go over those sections more
  • Next dry stroke the carpet. This is not rising as its sucking more moisture out of the carpets and at the same time cleaning them even more.
  • By doing these steps, you will dry the carpets faster. About 3 -4 hours

If you need any carpet cleaning in London contact us.

We cover the following areas:

–       Carpet Cleaning London

–       Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith

–       Carpet Cleaning Chiswick

–       Carpet Cleaning Kensington

–       Carpet Cleaning Holland Park

–       Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill

–       Carpet Cleaning Fulham

–       Carpet Cleaning Putney

–       Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

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How to bring the outside in & inside out

Urban gardens can be that extra room you are looking for, adding value in more ways than one.

London architects should inspire their clients to make the most of their indoor-outdoor space, however big or small, so that they can relax enjoy space, eat and entertain, inside or out.”

The featured project is a complete house refurbishment and extension for a private developer client in Bayswater, London, W2. The garden was opened up to the open-plan living-kitchen-dining room to the full width of the property with large sliding glass doors and a level threshold. The canopy incorporated in the design leads you gently to the outside room while giving some additional shading to the living area in the warmer months.

The building was carefully designed to ensure that, as well as the curtains, the sliding folding doors can be neatly tucked out of the way and lie flush with the side wall when fully opened. The threshold of the sliding doors is flush with the floor finish and the same floor levels continue throughout, visually merging the two spaces into one, making both inside and outside appear larger. This is accentuated by having the same or a similar surface finish to both living room and garden. In this case a ceramic tile with under-floor heating was used internally, which closely matches the stone in the garden, where you are able to see the depth of the finish.

Tips for discussions with your architect when extending into your garden or remodelling your home.

 When using glazed doors which slide back and give a large clear opening at any time of year, consider how they will look when fully or partially open and if you want to include any screening or curtains.

 Consider similar materials on both sides of the threshold.

 Drainage can detract from your look, so make sure your architect has this feature integrated into the design.

 Get your architect to suggest or consider a landscape designer, who will be able to suggest plants that will keep your garden looking good all year round.

 Consider the view to your garden at different times of the day and extending its use by incorporating lighting.

 Be sure to discuss furniture, fittings, lighting, sound, heating and irrigation, all of which need to be integrated to keep lines clean.

 Consider the colour and texture of your garden walls to accentuate architectural planting, maximising the light reflected back into the garden and making it look bigger.

Contact them on: 0207 610 9333

Web: www.dblo.co.uk

Claire Hale, dblo associates

‘ A well considered extension and garden layout can make your garden into an extension of your living room and a space you can use all year round’

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Buty Guru Blog

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Beauty Salon

Therapists will now be able to log online to get the expert advice from a new blog initiative, The Buty Guru. Set up by a leading brand of beauty salon London called Buty Salon, the site was created to help a broad range of professional therapists from those starting out within the beauty industry to small beauty business owners.

Practical tips will be updated twice monthly by therapist editors, Fenia Sukiennik and Ana Depczynska (originally Polish) based at the Buty Salon’s two premises – Hammersmith and Fulham. The beauty salon London has a 12 year reputation for training and cultivating quality beauty practitioners in the industry. Salon manager, Fenia has worked across a number of salons across the UK and Ireland before working her way up to her current role. She often gives the salon’s new therapists guidance and training during their first 12 months and has cultivated a loyal client following since her appointment.

Buty Salon assistant manager, Ana says “Over the years I watched a pattern of the general qualities needed to make a beauty salon a success which therapists don’t necessarily learn until years down the line when they have built up experience. Our Guru blog will help to bring these issues to the forefront”.

The gurus will offer their experience and advice through articles and a section dedicated to answering reader’s questions and queries.

Buty Guru Blog Launches to help Fellow Therapists, “Although therapists have good training from respected beauty colleges we tend to find that there are still major gaps in their skills and therefore need  further training on-site. We hope that the Buty Guru Blog will help to share and swap experiences and the tips a therapist needs to know to advance his/her career,” says therapist editor, Ana.

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